“An early morning fuchsia filled sky, awakens our four roosters, and the call for an early rise begins again at Full Moon Rising Farm. Our native wild birds take up the song and a Great Blue Heron stands quiet and graceful watching our cluster of free ranging hens. It’s hard to imagine the dead grass garden being generous in color and nourishment in a few short month or hearing the call of baby lambs joining in the early morning chorus, but it does happen.  We are blessed with generous rains, healthy soils, and good days of shared hard work.  Now if we could harness up Roberta, the potbelly pig to do our rototilling, we’d be golden!" - Anne 2/17

Having Fun at Full Moon Rising Farm!

Having Fun at Full Moon Rising Farm!

Welcome to Full Moon Rising Farm and Wilderness summer camps. We are happy to announce our 2017 schedule. We have many new camps as well as old favorites we’d like to share with you. This year we have four new programs, with eleven camps varying in ages 3-15. We were generously donated a beautiful 27 foot tall tipi this Fall that welcomes storytellers of all ages. 

We have invited special guest teachers to join in our traditional Farm Life and Coyote Camps as well as bring their own unique camps from afar to the farm. Our Songwriter Camp beckons your voice, and our Green Art Labs invites your creative, eco-conscious abilities. Our Raven’s Camp for tween/teens boys will invoke the element of fire,  teaching forging and primitive building skills.  The children will have many opportunities to immerse their senses in playful, earnest,  spirited ways. They will instinctually begin breathing more deeply and feel into their growing limbs,  as they look skyward, and dig deep,  investigating this radiant earth we live upon.  So please visit our Camp page and sign-up today! The magic and bounty of our Farm and Wilderness awaits you! Full Moon Rising Farm has been running Summer Camps on South Whidbey for over 20 years!

"It never fails, every summer for the past 20 years, summer on the the farm brings out my playful, joyful, wonder-filled being. It is so beautiful here, I feel so much gratitude to have a space to share with children this abundance of nature, and nurture, woven into the the gardens, barnyard and woods. The air shimmers with potential, an abundance of sunshine, tall green grass, blue skies, tiny flower buds, baby animals. This land loves children and blesses their spirit of wonderment, adventure, innocence, and creativity. Children have an instinctual sense of place in nature that comes forward given the opportunity to be in it. A great capacity to care and nurture living creatures and plants. Our Summer camps give them breathing room to be themselves as well as be apart of something greater than themselves. We thank you for joining us here, and may you be touched by its magic too."

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Summer Camp Whidbey Island
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